All American Trucks has been in business selling commercial trucks since 1991 and is incorporated since 1995. We moved to our current location in the year 2000 to accomodate our growing business. Until the year 2004 we mostly did installations of premanufactured products like dump bed kits, utility beds or lift kits. In 2004 we started to fabricate truck bodies in order to provide our customers a wider range of choices.
From the beginning we have been listening very closely to our customers and helped them running their businesses better by providing them with high quality trucks. Our customers come to us because they know that we will build exactly what they need. Some customers bring us their trucks and we customize the trucks to fit their needs. Other customers choose trucks from our lot and pick them up a few days later with all their requested changes fabricated and installed by us. High quality, customization and quick turnaround are the foundation of our success.